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Hi, I’m Richard Schuller
I have been in good physical condition all my life. I’m now 77 years old. As a kid I took fitness for granted. As I got older I noticed that most of my contemporaries were feeling their age in ways that I was not.
From my late 20’s until my mid 40’s I was a runner. I began as a sprinter and gradually started competing in races between 5 and 15 miles. I really enjoyed running, but gradually got bored with competing.
I had competed in Olympic style weightlifting in college and really enjoyed it. So, at the tender age of 46 I went back to the gym and began training for powerlifting, a sport that did not exist when I was younger.
For the next 25 years I competed in powerlifting. I continued to run, but only because I love to run, and as a means to keep fit, not to compete.
My working career was as a PhD level scientist in a research and development company. Fitness was something that I did to feel good and be productive. I used my research skills to keep up with the latest on strength training, fitness and sports medicine. This was a big help in my own training, and it helped me coach others.
Based on my long career in training, doing research and as a coach, I am convinced that men over age 50 can have the body and vitality of someone 10-20 years younger…perhaps more. The key is training smart.
I would love to share what I have learned over my now 60+ years of training. It could make a big difference in your life.
You can get the strength and health benefits of powerlifting by doing the training. Competing is up to you.

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“…This is an excellent introduction to powerlifting for those who are over 50. The details in both form and program are good. I have been powerlifting competitively for 7 years and weight lifting for 30. I would recommend it….” Wally S. (5 star rating)