Competing in a powerlifting meet can be a great experience. However, if you have not done this before, it can be a complete blur of activity. If you know what is coming, you will have your best chance of doing your best.

It is best to begin preparing for a meet 4-6 months ahead of time. There are many administrative functions that you must take care of before you compete in any event. These include:

  • Pre-registering for the meet. Participation spots are limited so register as early as possible.
  • Sign up for membership in the sponsoring lifting federation. For example: USA Powerlifting
  • Ensure that you have the proper legal equipment for lifting. Example: All associations require knee high sox for deadlift
  • Ensure that you have valid personal identification for checking in at the meet.
  • Download a copy of the rules that will apply at the meet and study it carefully. Competition lifting rules are very strict compared to lifting in a gym.

These are small things that can either go smoothly or completely derail your experience.

All of these details are covered in an up to date book called Your First Powerlifting Meet